Proper Antics


A1 2’s ½ Figure 8 Up between 1’s
      1’s Balance and Swing
      end facing down the hall

A2 He-He-She-She lines of 4 down the hall
      Men turn alone, Women as a couple
      Come back

Circle ½ (so men are on the men’s side, women on their side)
      2’s Swing
      End swing as if to face up with the women on the right, but
      Face partner (2’s between ones with same sex 1 behind them)

Hey for 4
      2’s start passing Partner by the Right

Composed and first called for May 21, 2004 CDSD in Carrboro. The idea of the swing in B1 was taken from Diagonal Dilemma by Gene Huber and was the inspiration for this dance.